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Dry Block Heaters, Benchmark Dry Block Heaters

Dry Block Heaters

Dry Block Heaters from GRANT and Benchmark.

Ultra Instruments markets dry block heaters manufactured by pioneers like GRANT and Benchmark.

GRANT has two variants of Dry Block Heaters namely :

QB Series dry block heater systems:
QB Series dry block heater systems: The Grant QBD range of dry block heaters proves to be a versatile range of high quality and digital devices. These dry block heater systems come with an excellent temperature control and a range of interchangeable blocks for utmost flexibility. The results from QB series of dry block heaters are proven to be precise and accurate results and give a safe heating to your samples. Grant dry block heaters comes with a full range of models and options to cater to all kinds of applications, they come in three digital systems with 1, 2 or 4 interchangeable blocks and one digital-high temperature system. Features of the QB series dry block heater:
    • Heating range ambient + 5°C to 130°C (all three QBD models) or ambient + 5°C to 200°C (QBH2)
    • Rapid heat-up time
    • Stability and uniformity ± 0.1°C
    • Integral timer function optional external probe for in-sample or in-block temperature control
    • Robust, compact, contemporary design
    • Block extraction tool included as standard, for easy and safe removal of blocks

    BTD Series dry block heater systems:

    The GRANT dry block heater systems come with the following features:

    • GRANT dry block heater come with a digital temperature control for exact precision
    • Powerful heater in built for rapid heat-up times - 25ºC to 100ºC in just 15 minutes, 25ºC to 37ºC in just 4 minutes
    • GRANT dry block heater has a stability ± 0.1ºC and a uniformity of ± 0.2°C
    • The heating block can hold combinations of four micro tube sizes together up to 49 tubes: 24 tubes x 1.5/2.0 ml, 15 tubes x 0.5 ml, 10 tubes x 0.2 ml
    • Flexible tube sizes and rapid heat-up time in the GRANT dry block heater helps swift change of application
    • It comes with a 2-line display for simple and precise setting of temperature or time in order to monitor current status during operation.

    Apart from GRANT Ultra Instruments also markets Dry Block Heaters manufactured by Benchmark. Benchmark has a rich history of manufacturing dry block heaters that are cost effective yet powerful and efficient. These dry block heaters have gained lot of trust and name in the market due to their performance and easy to use interface.