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Ball Mill, Ball Mill Grinding


Ultra Instruments markets high energy ball mills manufactured by Spex SamplePrep. The Ball-Mills are ideal for grinding dry, brittle samples, mechanical alloying, slurry grinding, blending powders and mixing emulsions. Ball mill is a cylindrical device that is used to grind materials like ceramic raw materials, ores etc. Ball-Mills rotate in around a horizontal axis and is partially filled with the material that has to be grounded. The rotating effect creates a cascading effect which grinds the material to a fine powder.

Some samples that can be used in the Ball Mill are as follows:
Rocks, Minerals, Sand, Cement, Slag, Ceramics, Catalyst Supports, Glass, Pharmaceuticals, Plant and Animal Tissues, Seeds, Paints, Ink. Ball Mill is used in different fields like Biotechnology, Materials Science, Nanotechnology and mechanical alloying, Glass and ceramics, Geology and mining, Environmental Science, Cement, Catalysts, Pesticide Residues, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Forensics and Food Science.